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Spring dessert & drink ideas

Spring dessert & drink ideas


We’re so ready to leave the cold weather behind and have some sunnier days! This is the time for fresh flavors, vibrant colors and so much more.

A change in season comes with a change in baking, with lighter ingredients, cold treats and refreshing fruity drinks.

So to celebrate this seasonal change, here are 10 of our most mouthwatering spring recipes for you to make. We've got creamy cheesecake jars, tangy mug cakes, refreshing slushies--so much to try out!

lime cheesecake

Lime cheesecake jars

This recipe is a cute & easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

coconut milk and berrys paletas

Coconut milk berry paletas

Our favorite cold spring treat, homemade popsicles (paletas) are perfect for cooling down on a sunny day.

orange mugcake with vanilla

Orange mugcake

You won't believe how delicious this orange cupcake in a mug is! Topped with an irresistible cream cheese frosting.

tres leches cupcakes with vanilla

Tres leches cupcakes

The perfect combination of spongy, moist and creamy! Here's how to make them.

color sugar cookies

Spring sugar cookies

Time to bust out those cookie cutters and make a batch or two of these cute sugar cookies.

orange vanilla slushie

Orange vanilla slushie

So refreshing, so creamy and ready in 10 minutes!

fresh pink lemonade

Pink lemonade

Using only natural flavors, this refreshing recipe will be one of your favorites.

pineapple mini cupcake

Pineapple upside-down mini cakes

A cute, new way to enjoy the classic pineapple upside-down cake.

strawberry cupcakes with vanilla

Strawberry shortcake cups

Sweet vanilla cake & layers of fresh, juicy strawberries topped with rich, fluffy whipped cream. Enjoy the recipe!

fruit jelly

Fruit jelly

This gorgeous fruit jelly will be your new favorite afternoon treat.


And if these 10 recipes are not enough, find more inspiration in our Vainilla Molina´s recipe book! And don't forget to tag us on your social networks when you make them.

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Make the cutest cupcakes with the most exquisite toppings!

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