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Cake trends and how to make the most out of them!

Cake trends and how to make the most out of them!

The gorgeous world of baking is going through some changes this year, especially when it comes to cake flavor and presentation.

Read more about and discover how you can make the most out of them.

custome cakes

Custom cake tops

This is an actual GLOBAL trend, and it has bakers everywhere getting creative with their own cake tops.

Even if it's a simple message, a logo, finishes by hand--more and more customers are demanding looks, tastes presentations that WOW.

“Customisation is a strong global trend, from creating personalized cakes and bakes for celebrations, to getting creative with colors and flavors,” explains Kayleigh McDonough, communications manager for Renshaw and Rainbow Dust.

festive cakes

Festive cakes for every occasion

Themed cakes aren't a new thing, but this year we’ll see bigger, better, fancier baked creations for special events.

We're talking flavors like toffee, champagne, orange with chocolate, figs with salted caramel (among others), with luxurious details like sugar pearls, intricate buttercream designs and more.

Celebrations are definitely a sales booster, more so now as people are getting more comfortable with getting together again so get ready for your time to shine.

Here's a recipe for a delicious tangerine bundt cake with champagne glaze.

cake decoration

Bright colors and drip cakes

Expect to see bright dripped cakes everywhere, and not just at birthday parties and weddings. Whether it's a half drip, upside-down drip or shining drip, keep an eye out for these gorgeous cakes.

It's an instagrammable trend that isn't going anywhere because looks matter! We should see an increase in big, lavish cakes as people start getting together again.

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healthy cakes

Healthy slices

It's important to consider your more health-conscious customers. More and more people are turning to healthier, low-sugar, high-fiber or keto options. These insights help the baking industry adapt to what people are looking for in their sweet treats, and it's a worthwhile challenge to provide delicious treats without all the fat and sugar.

Here are some healthy recipes made with the Vainilla Molina flavor you know and love.

Remember to substitute sugar for low-calorie sweetener!

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